Life & Health Insurance Advisor – November 2020

Your Life Insurance Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic

couple at a meetingWith the news media reporting daily on the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, it’s not surprising that many people are concerned about whether their families will be taken care of if they contract the disease and die.
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Health Benefit Options for Those Who Are Disabled

doctor with stethoscopeAre you disabled and wondering if you qualify for health insurance at a reasonable rate? Read on for details.

Tips for Saving for Retirement — Even When Budgets are Tight

jar full of changeEven before the pandemic the majority of Americans didn’t have a retirement account. For many, saving for retirement is now harder than ever.
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Depression — No Excuse Not to See a Doctor

Many more people are depressed now than at the beginning of 2020 and experts blame the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, too many people affected by depression and other medical issues are not seeing a doctor. Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – October 2020

Prescription Drug Executive Orders’ Future Unknown

dollar sign made from prescription pills
Four orders have been signed, but it’s unlikely they will go into effect before the election. Read on for details about the orders and their possible impact.
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Managing FMLA During COVID-19

mom holding kid wearing mask
The COVID-19 pandemic has created several challenges for employers trying to determine the best way to stay in compliance with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guidelines.
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Important Steps to Take Before Launching Your Annual Benefits Enrollment

open enrollment bookPaper shuffling, bewildered looks, and frantic note-taking. It’s another open enrollment season — the annual 30-day period during which workers choose their benefits for the coming year
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Importance of Flu Shots Heightened During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Health care workers faced a difficult challenge this year — treating patients with the unpredictable COVID-19 virus.
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Personal Lines – Fall 2020

6 Steps to Hurricane Preparedness

lightning stormAccording to Swiss Re, a storm identical to Katrina in 2005 would today cost at least $200 billion.
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Car Insurance Premiums Trend Lower

toy car and key fobCar insurance premiums are down as compared to other costs, including insurance cost drivers like hospital rates and repair shop costs. Read on for details.

13 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft

hand stealing card through computer14.4 million consumers were victims of identity fraud in 2018, according to the 2019 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research.
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When to Create a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory may seem like a bother. But the day will come when you will be glad you did.
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Life & Health Insurance Advisor – August 2020

Your Options if You Lose Your Employer-Sponsored Health Care Coverage

empty walletEstimates are that more than 26 million people could become uninsured due to the workplace shutdowns. Read on for details.

The Hidden Costs of $0 Premium Medicare Plans

Medicare printed on dollar billState insurance departments are warning citizens to beware of so-called “zero premium” Medicare plans.
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What You Need to Know About Getting Health Insurance for Yourself — and an Employee

two women at workYes, you can get health insurance coverage if you only have one employee (unless that employee is your spouse).
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How Your Credit Score Reveals Your Suitability for Life Insurance

A good credit rating can open a lot of doors. Not only can it make it easier for you to borrow money at a reasonable interest rate, but it can positively affect your ability to rent or buy a home, apply for a credit card or even get a job. Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – July 2020

How to Keep Employees from Raiding Retirement Funds

man with hammer and piggy bank
The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc upon the finances of many employees, and some have been forced to use funds from their retirement plans.
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3 Challenges for Benefit Managers During the Pandemic

man with briefcase and maskProviding benefit portability, helping employees manage their work/life balance and maintain financial stability can help employees during this difficult time.
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Mustering Employer Resources to Combat Mental Health Issues

woman holding her head with maskUnfortunately, as a consequence of the work-from-home, shelter-in-place and quarantine initiatives put in place to keep us safe from COVID-19, there has been a rise in emotional distress.
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What to Consider Before Employees Fly the Friendly Skies Again

Now that restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are being lifted, some businesses are allowing employees to travel for work again.
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Personal Lines – Summer 2020

COVID-19 Update: How Insurance Companies are Helping Consumers

man holding umbrellaIn addition to payment relief to some customers, insurance companies are maintaining staff and supporting national pandemic relief efforts.
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Despite Its Low Cost, Most Consumers Don’t Buy Cyber Risk Insurance

digital lockA new report by the Insurance Information Institute (Triple-I) says most Americans underestimate the threat of cybercrime and are not buying insurance against it, despite its low cost.
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New Insurance Concepts That Could Save You Money

digital clockOn-demand insurance is expected to become a fundamental part of the insurance industry.
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CDC Tips for Cleaning and Disinfecting against the Virus

Hygiene tips to combat COVID-19.
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Life & Health Insurance Advisor – May 2002

What the Coronavirus Taught Us

hospital staffWash your hands and check your health care benefits to see what’s covered! Read on for details.

What Credit Insurance Can and Cannot Do for You

woman holding credit cardCredit insurance and credit protection can be prudent options for avoiding financial ruin. Read on for details.

Know Your Rights: How to Appeal a Denied Health Plan Payment

woman with broken legThe first step is making sure the denial wasn’t made in error. Read on for details.

How Life Insurance Companies Get to the Truth

Life insurance companies need honest answers to questions about your health to determine appropriate premiums and coverage levels.Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – April 2020

SECURE Act’s Effect on Retirement Plans

message board
Here’s a review of the changes that affect small employers and some large ones.
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ERISA Compliance for Small and Large Employers

older coupleDespite its name, Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA) regulations apply not only to retirement plans, but to all “welfare” plans, including health benefits.
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How to Conduct a COBRA Self Audit

insurance coverage documentTo help avoid an audit, or to be prepared in case an audit is ordered, it’s best to conduct a self audit.
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Giving Benefits the Respect They Deserve (and the Law Requires)

If you offer your employees health benefit coverage, your substance abuse and mental health benefits should be comparable to the other medical benefits in your plan.
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Personal Lines – Spring 2020

Insurance for When Your House is not Your Home

houseThis can be an important matter in couple of instances: You’re living away from home for an extended period or you’re renting out all or part of your home. Read on for details.

Travel Insurance to the Rescue

woman with passportNot every trip justifies travel insurance, but for that big ticket, overseas, once or seldom in a lifetime excursion, travel insurance is at least worth considering. Read on for details.

Busting Auto Insurance Myths

car accidentMyth 1 — Red Cars Cost More to Insure Read on for details.

Important Travel Insurance Add-ons

Cancel Anytime Coverage: Some insurers offer policies with a Cancel Anytime feature which allows purchasers to cancel their trip for almost any unforeseen reason and even receive reimbursement for all or a portion of their non-refundable travel deposits. Read on for details.

Life & Health Insurance Advisor – February 2002

How Life Insurance Works in Divorce Settlements

broken heartOf the two main types of life insurance, permanent and term, only permanent is usually a significant part of a divorce settlement. Read on for details.

Life Insurance and the High Cost of Vaping

girl holding vape penIs vaping safer than cigarettes? Insurance companies don’t think so. Read on for details.

Retirement Financial Planning: How to Set Realistic Goals

life planning timelineAs you get close to retirement, it makes sense to switch your mindset from saving for retirement to creating a financial plan that coordinates your spending and saving habits to achieve your retirement goals.
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How Accident and Disability Insurance Differ

Accident insurance and disability insurance might sound similar, but they have different, though complementary objectives. Read on for details.

Employee Benefits Report – January 2020

Value-Based Care Gains Favor as a Provider Reimbursement System

man putting money in dr pocketHealth care experts believe value-based care could lower costs and improve patient outcomes.
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Rules and Exceptions When Providing Benefits to Same Sex Couples

law bookEmployers who offer benefits to spouses must also offer them to same-sex couples though there are exceptions. Read on for details.


IRS Sets 2020 Retirement Plan Contribution and Benefit Limits

tax formsNearly all of the dollar limits currently in effect for 2019 will experience minor increases for 2020. Read on for details.


Dental Insurance Promotes Overall Health

Providing employees the opportunity to purchase dental insurance is not enough. Employee education is an important element when you offer voluntary benefits. Read on for details.

Personal Lines – Winter 2020

A Quick Guide to Renters Insurance

house with rent signIn a sense, renters insurance is homeowners insurance — without the building. Read on for details.

Updates on the Automobile Technology Revolution

self driving carAs technology makes cars safer and more efficient, there are bumps in the road. Here are a few of the latest ones. Read on for details.

Mayor Proposes Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance

gun safeA California mayor recently proposed that his city require all gun owners to carry insurance — or pay a fee that offsets the cost of gun violence. Read on for details.

How to Practice Firearm Safety

There are a multitude of safety measures you can take to prevent firearm incidents at home. Here are several tips to get you started:
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